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Workshop Program

Techsan India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Workshop Program addresses the use formal methods in software development practice. The purpose of the workshop basically provide industrial knowledge apart from syllabus, Formal methods differ from many software engineering techniques in that they demand and exploit a mathematically rigorous semantic basis for the tools and notations used. Such sound foundations permit the analysis of software engineering artifacts to a depth, and with a degree of automation, that is otherwise impossible to achieve.

Software is created by people for people working in a range of environments and under various conditions. Any aspiration towards sustainability in software engineering will need to take account of the people in the process, their behaviour and the impact of that behaviour. Understanding the cooperative and human aspects of software development & applications is crucial in order to comprehend how methods and tools are used, and thereby improve the creation and maintenance of software.


The goal of Techsan India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Workshop Program is to provide a forum for discussing high quality research & development on human and cooperative aspects of software engineering. We aim to provide both a meeting place for the community and the possibility for researchers interested in joining the field to present and discuss their work in progress and to get an overview over the field.

Our college workshop program

Techsan India Technologies will provide Technology assistance to the Workshop. Demo of Latest Tools & Technologies for the first time in your college The students will get an opportunity to learn and interact with Dedicated and Experienced Experts of the Organization. The sessions will be “INTERACTIVE”; it will be learning with fun experience including various live demo and presentations.
Salient Features:
* Demo of Latest Tools & Technologies used in the Industry.
* Certificate of participation to all participants on company letterhead.
* Industrial Exposure & Practical Knowledge to all participants.